Seventy Six Avon graduates are continuing their education this Fall thanks to scholarships from Avon Dollars for Scholars.  Avon Dollars for Scholars, a local volunteer-based, non-profit organization hosted a Virtual  Awards Night on June 9, 2020 and presented a total of over $75,000 in scholarships.  Since our establishment in 1978, Avon Dollars for Scholars has awarded a total of almost 1.5 million dollars to 2088 students. ​Usually our donors are present at the awards ceremony to present their scholarships to the recipients for their scholarships that have been established in honor or memory of specific individuals. Members of Avon Dollars for Scholars work year-round with local residents, businesses and foundations to raise money so scholarships can be provided to qualified students. To be eligible to apply for funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars, students must either attend Avon High School, or be residents of Avon, regardless of which high school they attend; public, private, magnet; parochial; technical or home-school.  Scholarship funds are awarded based upon exceptional community service, citizenship, and merit or financial need.


The 2020 Avon Dollars for Scholars Scholarships and recipients: 
​For a full description of the listed scholarships, please check our website section for named scholarships or memorial scholarships.
New for 2020: 
Russell C. Hahn Memorial Scholarship - Brandon Young
Joyce B. Wilson  Memorial Scholarship -  Mia Schuster ​ 
Existing Scholarships:
Community Service
Amy E. Toyen Memorial Scholarship - Walden Yan
Avon Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors Scholarship -  Thomas Ko; Sean Nolan
Avon Lions Charities Raymond Zacchera Memorial Scholarship -  Hannah Young
Avon Lions Charities Scholarship - Kaitlyn Layne-Holmes
Colleen Martin Memorial Scholarship - Sarah Jacobs
Cynthia R. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Elisabeth Zemaitis
David & Mardelle Peña Family Community Service Scholarship - Haneen Alkabasi
Elaine Olthuis Memorial Scholarship -  Rachel Pastore
In Honor of Claire Fisher Bonti 08 Scholarship - Romi Eldah
Jill A. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Michael Hanratty
Laura Sullivan Honorary Scholarship - Angel Santana
Ralph & Ellen Gobell Family Scholarship -  Sanjana NIstala
Robert B. & Gladys August Memorial Scholarship -  Andrew Jozef
Rotary of Avon-Canton Bill Noble Service Scholarship -  Brooke Coppen
Rotary of Avon-Canton Donald B. Studley Memorial Scholarship - Michelle Buerkler
SierraConstellation Betty Karampelas Memorial Scholarship -  Paul Waweru
Thomas  Murphy Jr. Memorial  Scholarship -  Krishna Chinmai Dongar
Performing Arts/Theater/Drama/Music
David & Mardelle Peña Family Performing Arts Scholarship - Madelyn Oprica
Douglas Shallcross Brown, Jr. & Marilynne Foster Brown Scholarship - Jackson Jobe
Friends of Avon Music Education (F.A.M.E.) Scholarship -  Sophie Lin
Jacobsen Family Scholarship - Lara Beckius
Prince Thomas of Savoy Cantori Scholarship - Raphael Kimball
Caryl and Leonard Goldberg Education Scholarship -  Jonathan Sides
John G. Bernetich Memorial Scholarship -  Haeun Lee
Kelly Ann Hahn Memorial Scholarship -  Caitlin Kijanka
Mellissa Anne Andrew Memorial Scholarship - Maya Anam; Daniyal Athar; Mikayla Blaha; Sarah Boone; Isabella Boullie; Allison Chadha; Kaitlyn Espinoza; Payton Fox; Madison Gaul; Samantha Harris; Rhiannon Richmond; João Vitor Prado; Grace Yang
Overcame Challenges/Personal Hardship/Perseverance
Bernard Cole Memorial Scholarships - Nicholas Cohen; Alicia Sylvester
Robby Brisco Memorial Scholarship - Lillian Langevin
Ruth Hogan Kotler Memorial Scholarship - Emma Colo
Avon Little League - Brian Collings Memorial Scholarship - Blaise Engle
James Kearney Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship - Brian Ladouceur
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Dubiel Family Scholarship - Patrick Vicente
James A. MacNeil Science Scholarship - Alec Purcell
Moorthy Family Scholarship - James Ryan
PMP Corporation Scholarship - Hari Patchigolla
Sherrie Krevolin Memorial Scholarship -  Kiana Klafter
Thomas J. McGuff Memorial Scholarship -  Hunter Dawiczyk
Specific Interest or Career Path Criteria
Avon Dental Group Scholarship -  Ahryan Shah
Avon Historical Society in Honor of Bill Yandow -  Charlotte Larsen
Carmon Funeral Home & Family Center of Avon Scholarship - Carlyn Perry
Danielle Rothstein Creative Writing Memorial Scholarship - Christiana Tweedt
David & Mardelle Peña Family Scholarship in Honor of Avon-Canton VFW Post 3272 - Annika Culbertson; Ann Hayes
Garden Club of Avon Scholarship - Sofie Fischler
Jeremiah F. McWilliams Memorial Scholarship - Emma Samaniego
John & Linda Carmon Scholarship -  Baylee Braun
Mark Roberts Memorial Scholarship - Zachary Rush
Moran, Shuster, Carignan & Knierim Scholarship - Laura Mensh
Reiskin Family Scholarship -  Annika Mathias
Wade H. Horsey IV Memorial Scholarship - Ashley Appell
William H. and James A. Harris Memorial Scholarship - Justin Hasler
Women In Business Scholarship - Ansley Bernard
General Criteria Open to All Students
Avon Prime Meats Scholarship - Abigail St. Onge
Christine Papalardo-Greif Scholarship - Tyler Hinrichs
Dollars for Scholars President's Scholarship in Honor of Steven & Gwen Hahn -  Anya Melnyk
Dollars for Scholars Presidents Scholarship in Honor of Margaret & Charles Mayer -  Emily Paul
Dr. Edwin J. Foley Memorial Scholarship - Thomas Lepage
Michael Brighenti '74 Scholarship - Faith Elwood
Peoples United Bank Scholarship - Arjun Chandra-Mohanty
Sandy Jarem Memorial Scholarship - Erin Coghlan
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