Donor FAQ's:



1.  What is Avon Dollars for Scholars?

Founded in 1978 by the Avon-Canton Rotary Club, Avon Dollars for Scholars is a locally supported, non-profit, tax exempt scholarship foundation.

2.  Is Avon Dollars for Scholars solely a local based organization?

Avon Dollars for Scholars is a chapter of Scholarship America, a nationally recognized non-profit student-aid service organization.  The majority of our donations are solicited and raised locally within our community and all our scholarships are awarded to students who are residents of Avon, or graduates of Avon High School.

3.  Where are funds obtained?

Avon Dollars for Scholars receives funds from generous citizens, businesses, and organizations in our community.  We solicit funds through an annual appeal and fundraising campaign as well as various fundraising events and activities throughout the year.  To make a donation, click here.

4.  Who receives your scholarships?

The scholarships made available through Avon Dollars for Scholars are available to any Avon Resident who is graduating from high school and enrolling in a two year, four year, vocational or technical college.  Students graduating from Avon High School are eligible regardless of their legal residence.

5.  Are your scholarships based on financial need or are they merit based?

While financial need is the basis for awarding many of our scholarships, there are scholarships available to recognize exceptional community service, citizenship, merit, or a combination of these outstanding qualities.

6.  Do I have to make a minimum donation?

Avon Dollars for Scholars welcomes donations at all levels!  While we encourage you to give as generously as you can, rest assured that we, and the students receiving scholarships, greatly appreciate any and all gifts.  To make a donation, click here.

7.  What types of payments do you accept?

We currently accept cash, check, credit card or PayPal.  We do not accept cash through the mail.  You may text ADFS to 44-321 to donate, or to make an online donation, click here.

8.  Is my donation tax deductible?

Avon Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit, tax-exempt foundation under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  Qualifying donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.  To make a donation, click here.

9.  Where specifically does my donation go and can I direct the funds in any way?

Donations under $500 are placed in a general fund to be used for awarding scholarships in June of each year.  For a donation of $500 or more, you may create a named scholarship or a memorial scholarship.  This is a wonderful way to donate in remembrance or in honor of a friend, relative, loved one, or any special person in your life.  Although you may specify general selection criteria for your named or memorial scholarship, you will not have the opportunity to participate in the selection process. For a list of recent Memorial Scholarships, click here.  For a list of recent Named Scholarships, click here.  For a list of endowed scholarships, click here.

10.  I own a business.  Can I name a scholarship after my business?

Absolutely!   You may create a named scholarship for your business with a donation of $500 or more.  If you wish, you may specify general scholarship selection criteria that are a reflection of your business or industry.  You will not, however, have the opportunity to participate in the selection process.  For a list of recent Named Scholarships, click here.

11.  How much of my donation goes toward the actual scholarship?

Avon Dollars for Scholars is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We are extremely proud that due to our very low "overhead" costs, over 95 cents of every dollar raised goes directly into the hands of our scholarship recipients.

12.  Avon is considered an affluent town.  Why should I give?

Avon is very fortunate to have a higher than average annual household income, however Avon also has nearly 200 families with children that live below the poverty line and 4% of children in the Avon Public Schools qualify for the subsidized lunch program.  Each year there are many families in every neighborhood that experience a sudden change in financial circumstances due to death, illness, disability or loss of employment.  The cost of higher education have been outpacing the rate of inflation for decades, putting college out of reach for many middle class families.

Your donation will help Avon Dollars for Scholars achieve its mission of helping make a post-secondary education possible for ALL students.  Our merit scholarships reward exceptional students for their accomplishments even if they don't demonstrate financial need.

13.  Who decides who receives the scholarships?

All scholarship applications are scored by an anonymous and highly confidential scholarship committee.  This guarantees that the scholarship process is objective and nondiscriminatory and ensures that scholarships are available to a wide range of deserving students.

14.  Are there other types of donations that you accept?

Absolutely!  Avon Dollars for Scholars offers a full range of planned gift giving.  We will assist you in establishing a bequest, an endowment, a gift of real estate, creating a life income agreement or other planned gifts.  You may also choose to include Avon Dollars for Scholars in your will.

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