2016 Recipients Thank the Donors!

2016 Recipients Thank the Donors!

Eighty-eight Avon graduates who either live in Avon or attend Avon High School are continuing their education this Fall, thanks to scholarship funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars. The local volunteer-based, non-profit organization hosted an Awards Night on May 23, 2016 and presented a total of over $80,000 in scholarships to 88  students for post-secondary education.

Since our establishment 38 years ago, Avon Dollars for Scholars has awarded a total of more than $1,326,510 in scholarships to 1,613 local students.

At the awards event, many of the Avon Dollars for Scholars funds were presented to the recipients by the donors themselves, through scholarships that have been established in honor or memory of specific individuals.  

Members of Avon Dollars for Scholars work year-round with local residents, businesses and foundations to raise money so scholarships can be provided to qualified students. To be eligible to apply for funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars, students must either attend Avon High School, or be residents of Avon, regardless of which high school they attend; public; private; magnet; parochial; or technical school. Scholarship funds are awarded based upon exceptional community service, citizenship and merit, or financial need.

The 2016 Avon Dollars for Scholars Scholarships and their student recipients:


*ADFS Board of Directors Scholarship - Sarah Chow; Victoria Plude; Jason Dempsey; Kaitlyn Howe;
                                                                          Shilpa Donde; Danielle Hellwig; Carly Regalado
ADFS Fundraising Night Scholarship - Emily Wert
*Alice Y. Zacchera Memorial Scholarship - Tessa Bratton
Amici Italian Grill Scholarship - Abigail Welch
Amy E. Toyen Memorial Scholarship - Sarah Gorman
Avon Boy's Travel Basketball Association Scholarship - Daniel Magrini
Avon Dental Group Scholarship - Yesung Kweon
Avon Girl Scouts Scholarship - Meredith Banks
*Avon Historical Society Scholarship in Honor of Bill Yandow - Nathaniel Stekler
Avon Lions Charities Raymond Zacchera Memorial Scholarship - Stephanie Rosenthal
Avon Lions Charities Scholarship - Hannah Graham
Avon Little League Brian Collings Memorial Scholarship - Olivia Campagna
Avon Prime Meats Scholarship - Sydney Jurczyszak
Avon Robotics Scholarship - Christian Gutowski
Avon/Canton Rotary Club 2016 4-year Scholarship - Ramin Raza
Avon/Canton Rotary Club Service Scholarship - Samuel Donahue
Avon/Canton Rotary Club Vocational/Technical Scholarship - Grayson Patton
Bearingstar Insurance Scholarship - Brianna Brown
Betty Karampelas Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Kotler
Carmon Funeral Home & Family Center of Avon Scholarship - Tony Yang
Caryl and Leonard Goldberg Education Scholarship - Kirsten Longbottom
Christine Pappalardo-Greif Scholarship - Gianna Coppola
Cole Family Scholarship in Memory of Bernard Cole - Gannon Olson
Colleen Martin Memorial Scholarship - Annie Kuo
*Cynthia R. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Ian D'Arcangelo 
David & Mardelle Peña Family Community Service Scholarship - Rossana Colletti
*David & Mardelle Peña Family Performing Arts Scholarship - Hunter Monroe
*David & Mardelle Peña Family Scholarship in Honor of Avon-Canton VFW Post 3272 - Jordan Knight
David & Lisa Bauer Scholarship - Infinity Jemison
Diane Lieberfarb Scholarship - Joshua Forcheimer
Dollars for Scholars President's Scholarship in Honor of John & Linda Carmon - Octavia Rossini
Dollars for Scholars President's Scholarship in Honor of Margaret & Charles Mayer - Michelle Rodriguez
Donald B. Studley Memorial Scholarship - Caroline Castonguay
Douglas Shallcross Brown Jr. & Marilynne Foster Brown Scholarship - Erin Rinehart
Dr. Edwin J. Foley Memorial Scholarship - Julia D'Errico
Dubiel Family Scholarship - Cambrya McGrattan
E.N.E. Realty Associates Scholarship - Michael Fischler
Ensign-Bickford Realty Corp. Scholarship - Angela Marinello
Farmington Bank Scholarship - Riley Strassner
Farmington Valley Mudhogs Scholarship - Alyssa Tripodi
Garden Club of Avon Scholarship - Sophie Guimaraes
"Girls Night In" Scholarship - Cristina Samaniego
In Honor of Claire Fisher Bonti '08 Scholarship - Julia Johnston
*Jeff Bernetich Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - James McNeill
*Brian Glen Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Kavyashree Balakrishnan
*Ames Shea Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Owen Eagan
Jacobsen Family Scholarship - Kathryn Casner
James A. MacNeil Science Scholarship - Robert Nardella
James Kearney Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship - Megan Foley
Jill A. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Michaela Casey
Jill & Eric Polinsky Family Scholarship - Kathryn Boos
John & Linda Carmon Scholarship - Crystal Vicente
John Dulla Memorial Scholarship - Adrienne Nguyen
*John G. Bernetich Scholarship - Saumya Singh
Kate Harding Memorial Scholarship - Samantha Waddell
Kelly Ann Hahn Memorial Scholarship - Alexandra Aparicio
Laura Vivian Santiago Memorial Scholarship - Andrew Suter
Mark Roberts Memorial Scholarship - Michael Rostenberg
McNeill Family Scholarship for Dedicated Service - Risa Lewis
Mellissa Anne Andrew Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Lindley
Michael Brighenti '74 Scholarship - Caroline Cappello
Moran, Shuster, Carignan & Knierim Scholarship - Jacob Margolis
*Nicholas Phillips Cantori Scholarship - Ryan Culligan
*The North House Scholarship - Ana Taylor
*Omar & Pat Meguid Scholarship - Christine Baek
PMP Corporation Scholarship - Veronica Drake
Ralph & Ellen Gobell Family Scholarship - Yashasvini Ramesh
*Reiskin Family Social Work Scholarship - Chloë Knopf
*Richard Kruse Curiosity, Inspiration, Innovation, Achievement Award - Gillian Reyes
*Rick St. Onge Memorial Scholarship - Alexandra Benedict
*Robby Brisco Memorial Scholarship - Ryan Miller
Robert B. & Gladys August Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Yoo
Ruth Hogan Kotler Memorial Scholarship - Pratyusha Tadepalli
*Sandy Jarem Memorial Scholarship - Molly Deneen
*Saxe Family Crew Scholarship - Michael Oliver; Cady Blea
*Senior Citizens of Avon in Honor of Catherine Ruez - Sophie Kuchel
Stanley Barnett Memorial Scholarship - Sean Del Gallo
Steven & Gwen Hahn Family Scholarship - Mikayla Bernetich
Thomas  Murphy Jr.  Memorial  Scholarship - Jamie Lepito
Thomas J. McGuff Memorial Scholarship - Anthony Tripodi
William H. and James A. Harris Memorial Scholarship - Jack Clonan


* Newly Created Scholarship for 2016

Established in 1978, the Avon chapter of Dollars for Scholars is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and contributions are considered tax-deductible. To be eligible to apply for funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars, students must attend Avon High School, or be residents of Avon, regardless of which high school they attend: public; private; magnet; parochial; or technical school. Some of  the scholarships awarded are based upon financial need; however many are based on merit and are given to students who display exceptional levels of community service and academic achievement.

Contributions of any size are accepted year-round by Avon Dollars for Scholars. Donations may be made on line at  http://www.avon.dollarsforscholars.org or mailed to: Avon Dollars for Scholars, P.O. Box 706, Avon, CT 06001.

To learn more about Avon Dollars for Scholars, visit http://www.avon.dollarsforscholars.org