Sixty Three Avon graduates are continuing their education this Fall thanks to scholarships from Avon Dollars for Scholars.  Avon Dollars for Scholars, a local volunteer-based, non-profit organization hosted a Virtual  Awards Night on May 31, 2022 and presented a total of nearly $74,000 in scholarships.  Since our establishment in 1978, Avon Dollars for Scholars has awarded a total of almost 1.5 million dollars to 2217 students. ​Usually our donors are present at the awards ceremony to present their scholarships to the recipients for their scholarships that have been established in honor or memory of specific individuals. Members of Avon Dollars for Scholars work year-round with local residents, businesses and foundations to raise money so scholarships can be provided to qualified students. To be eligible to apply for funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars, students must either attend Avon High School, or be residents of Avon, regardless of which high school they attend; public, private, magnet; parochial; technical or home-school.  Scholarship funds are awarded based upon exceptional community service, citizenship, and merit or financial need.


The 2022 Avon Dollars for Scholars Scholarships and recipients: 
​For a full description of the listed scholarships, please check our website section for named scholarships or memorial scholarships.
New for 2022: 

Rotary of Avon-Canton Community Service Scholarship:  Ethan Percival; Yilan Tang; Cole Trautman; Allison Wall; Zachery Wasserman

Today Magazine Bart + Ann Memorial Scholarship -  Rylee Bernetich; Akeva Koulla; Lucas Lloyd

Existing Scholarships:
Community Service

Amy E. Toyen Memorial Scholarship -  Gabrielle Richmond

Avon High School PTO Scholarship -  Jose Eduardo Gonzalez Melly 

Avon Leo Club Scholarship -  Bryneth Chang

Avon Lions Charities Raymond Zacchera Memorial Scholarship -  Andrew Webster

Avon Lions Charities Scholarship -  Lindsay Thurston

Betty Karampelas Memorial Scholarship -  Shelby Little

Colleen Martin Memorial Scholarship -  Janani Balaji

Cynthia R. Hopper Memorial Scholarship -  Melody Grant

David & Mardelle Peña Family Community Service Scholarship -  Brian Dowling

David & Mardelle Peña Family Scholarship in Honor of Avon-Canton VFW Post 3272 -  Sarah Boruchov

Elaine Olthuis Memorial Scholarship -  Tessa Hofheimer; Nandita Senthil

In Honor of Claire Fisher Bonti 08 Scholarship -  Tajeline Gonzalez

Jill A. Hopper Memorial Scholarship -  Benjamin Starr

Laura Sullivan Honorary Scholarship -  Brian Cunningham

Ralph & Ellen Gobell Family Scholarship -  Samyukta Senthil

Rotary of Avon-Canton Bill Noble Service Scholarship -  Annie Sweeton

Rotary of Avon-Canton Donald B. Studley Memorial Scholarship -  Hannah Blume

Russell C. Hahn Memorial  Scholarship -  Alexander Hill

Thomas  Murphy Jr. Memorial  Scholarship -  Miriam Jackman

Performing Arts/Theater/Drama/Music

David & Mardelle Peña Family Performing Arts Scholarship - Sydney Young

Douglas Shallcross Brown, Jr. & Marilynne Foster Brown Scholarship - Bella Johnson

Friends of Avon Music Education (F.A.M.E.) Scholarship - Maya Parady

Jacobsen Family Scholarship - Mark Wang


Caryl and Leonard Goldberg Education Scholarship -  Kiara Teasley

John G. Bernetich Memorial Scholarship -  Kalista Fontanella

Kelly Ann Hahn Memorial Scholarship -  Ally Kennedy

Overcame Challenges/Personal Hardship/Perseverance

Bernard Cole Memorial Scholarship -  Thomas Hawley

Ruth Hogan Kotler Memorial Scholarship - Lauren Armstrong


Avon Little League - Brian Collings Memorial Scholarship -  Tabor Engle

Bradford Scott Geyer '83 Memorial Track & Field Scholarship  -  Ethan Williams

James Kearney Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship -  Andrew Deppe

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Dubiel Family Scholarship - Milan Shah

James A. MacNeil Science Scholarship -  Carla D'Amato

Moorthy Family Scholarship -  Nils Jerger

PMP Corporation Scholarship - Adele Oprica

Thomas J. McGuff Memorial Scholarship -  Noah Walton

Specific Interest or Career Path Criteria

Avon Historical Society Scholarship -  Madigan Dwyer  

Carmon Funeral Home & Family Center of Avon Scholarship -  Anna Perry

Danielle Rothstein Creative Writing Memorial Scholarship -  Erin Geary

Garden Club of Avon Scholarship -  Marenn Ek

Jeremiah F. McWilliams Memorial Scholarship -  Andrew Rock

John & Linda Carmon Scholarship -  Michalina Centofanti

Mark Roberts Memorial Scholarship - Aidan Srb

Martinez Family Scholarship - Sabrina Robaczynski

Reiskin Family Scholarship -  Ellena Whipple

Rotary of Avon-Canton Career Bound Scholarship -  Mariah Serrano

Wade H. Horsey IV Memorial Scholarship -  Ming Hao Wang

General Criteria Open to All Students

Avon Prime Meats Scholarship - Tanisha Gupta

Dollars for Scholars President's Scholarship in Honor of Joanne Beers & Earl Cree - Elizabeth Jerger

Dr. Edwin J. Foley Memorial Scholarship -  Caroline Mugno 

Joseph Family/ShopRite of Canton Scholarship - Matthew Mancini

Michael Brighenti '74 Scholarship -  Brianna Sarfo Darko

Peoples United Bank Scholarship -  Shreya Sinha

Sandy Jarem Memorial Scholarship -  Madison Ellsworth