Eighty six Avon graduates are continuing their education this Fall thanks to scholarships from Avon Dollars for Scholars.  Avon Dollars for Scholars, a local volunteer-based, non-profit organization hosted an Awards Night on May 21, 2018 and presented a total of nearly $90,000 in scholarships.  Since our establishment in 1978, Avon Dollars for Scholars has awarded a total of almost 1.5 million dollars to 1783 students. ​At the awards event many of the Avon Dollars for Scholars funds were presented to the recipients by the donors themselves, through scholarships that have been established in honor or memory of specific individuals. Members of Avon Dollars for Scholars work year-round with local residents, businesses and foundations to raise money so scholarships can be provided to qualified students. To be eligible to apply for funds from Avon Dollars for Scholars, students must either attend Avon High School, or be residents of Avon, regardless of which high school they attend; public, private, magnet; parochial; technical or home-school.  Scholarship funds are awarded based  upon exceptional community service, citizenship and merit, or financial need.


The 2018 Avon Dollars for Scholars Scholarships and recipients: 
​For a full description of the listed scholarships, please check our website section for named scholarships or memorial scholarships.


New for 2018: 
The Atwood-Phillips Scholarship - Noah Hay
The Academic Excellence and STEM Scholarship - Kelly Zheng​ 
Tim McCarthy, CPA Military Scholarship in Memory of B. Dante "Vince" D'Addeo - William Starsiak
Kathy Zirolli Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Julia Rosow
Kenneth Birk Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Abigail Olsen
Peggy Roell Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Jason Zheng
JeanAnn Paddyfote, Ph.D. Honorary Scholarship given by Houston Putnam Lowry - Kavya Jain
Existing Scholarships:
Community Service
A.D.F.S. Board of Directors Scholarship - Christina D'Errico, Ava Duxin, Benjamin Lampert, Kaitlyn McIsaac, Samantha Moran, Mackenzie Nolan, Amparo Saubidet, Sai Viswanathan, Audrey Worth
Amy E. Toyen Memorial Scholarship - Taylor Fischer
Avon Lions Charities Raymond Zacchera Memorial Scholarship - Meghan Fuge
Avon Lions Charities Scholarship - Megan Boswell
Betty Karampelas Memorial Scholarship - Samantha Cotto
Colleen Martin Memorial Scholarship - Jacenda O'Dwyer
Cynthia R. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Clark Waddell
David & Mardelle Peña Family Community Service Scholarship - Sam Finch
In Honor of Claire Fisher Bonti 08 Scholarship - Molly Steinberg
Jill A. Hopper Memorial Scholarship - Sydney Walters
Ralph & Ellen Gobell Family Scholarship - Quinn Holmes
Robert B. & Gladys August Memorial Scholarship - Anna Duffy
Rotary of Avon-Canton Bill Noble Service Scholarship - Rachel Martin
Rotary of Avon-Canton Donald B. Studley Memorial Scholarship - Venkata Patchigolla
Steven & Gwen Hahn Family Scholarship - Emma Brown
Thomas  Murphy Jr. Memorial  Scholarship - Emily Boswell
Performing Arts/Theater/Drama/Music
David & Mardelle Peña Family Performing Arts Scholarship - Megan Chada
Douglas Shallcross Brown, Jr. & Marilynne Foster Brown Scholarship - Luke Kimball
Friends of Avon Music Education (F.A.M.E.) Scholarship - Tyler Hahn
Jacobsen Family Scholarship - Brendan Downey
Miriam G. Sahl Memorial Scholarship - Jennifer Wall
Caryl and Leonard Goldberg Education Scholarship - Natalie Gomez
John G. Bernetich Memorial Scholarship - Humza Zaida
Kelly Ann Hahn Memorial Scholarship - Jean-Kathelyn Orr
Marcia Polinsky Memorial Scholarship - Noelle Reboul
Mellissa Anne Andrew Memorial Scholarship - Breanne Braun
Overcame Challenges/Personal Hardship/Perseverance
Bernard Cole Memorial Scholarships - Scott Kennedy, Colin Holtzman, Jack Carroll
Robby Brisco Memorial Scholarship - Chris Swetzes
Ruth Hogan Kotler Memorial Scholarship - Allison McLaughlin
Avon Little League - Brian Collings Memorial Scholarship - Jack Stokesbury
James Kearney Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship - Emily Foley
Saxe Family Crew Scholarship - James McCormick
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Dubiel Family Scholarship - Justin Koo
Ensign-Bickford Realty Corp. Scholarship - Carly Carpino
James A. MacNeil Science Scholarship - Ayushi Hegde
PMP Corporation Scholarship - Phoebe Finch
Richard Kruse - Curiosity, Inspiration, Innovation, Achievement Award - Nicole King
Sherrie Krevolin Memorial Scholarship - Mackenzie Goldschlager
Thomas J. McGuff Memorial Scholarship - Alec Traktovenko
Specific Interest or Career Path Criteria
Avon Dental Group Scholarship - Kayla Bucci
Avon Girl Scouts Scholarship - Amanda Branch
Avon Historical Society in Honor of Bill Yandow - Julia Shufro
Carmon Funeral Home & Family Center of Avon Scholarship - Caroline Nisbet
David & Mardelle Peña Family Scholarship in Honor of Avon-Canton VFW Post 3272 - Luke Davey
Garden Club of Avon Scholarship - Ryan Bellucci
Jeremiah F. McWilliams Memorial Scholarship - Maitreya Vyas
John & Linda Carmon Scholarship - Jordan Blackington
Mark Roberts Memorial Scholarship - Christopher Angus
Moran, Shuster, Carignan & Knierim Scholarship - Riley Cunningham
Reiskin Family Scholarship - Madison Brokenshire
Rotary of Avon-Canton Vocational/Technical School Scholarship - Ethan Durkin
Stanley Barnett Memorial Scholarship - Anya Ek
The ALL-GAS Family Scholarship - Sofia Berrio
William H. and James A. Harris Memorial Scholarship - Zachary Tilsch
Women In Business Scholarship - Giana Zema
General Criteria Open to All Students
Amici Italian Grill Scholarship - Alex Clonan
Avon Prime Meats Scholarship - Sara Leavens
Bearingstar Insurance Scholarship - Kristina Woodis
Christine Papalardo-Grief Scholarship - Catherine Martinez
David & Lisa Bauer Scholarship - Jonathan Ross
Diane Lieberfarb Scholarship - Angela Martinez
Dollars for Scholars President's Scholarship in Honor of Steven & Gwen Hahn - Alec Wang
Dollars for Scholars Presidents Scholarship in Honor of Margaret & Charles Mayer - Shekar Sunderesh
Dr. Edwin J. Foley Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Cardia
Farmington Bank Scholarship - Lucas Powers
Girls Night In Scholarship - Sheridan Bernard
Michael Brighenti '74 Scholarship - Kelsie Cote
Sandy Jarem Memorial Scholarship - Sarah Osiecki